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Thorough forklift examination

Are you covered?

The vital question fork lift managers get wrong.

By law, every fork lift truck needs a regular Thorough Examination certificate.

Many companies have this done by their insurer or as part of their hire contract, and 93% believe this means the whole truck has been checked, and is safe to use.

Often, they're dead wrong.

Many so-called "Thorough Examinations" only cover the lifting part of the truck; satisfying LOLER 98 regulations, but ignoring crucial parts, like the brakes. That leaves you exposed to prosecution under PUWER 98 and the Health and Safety at Work Act...and might mean there's a fatal accident about to happen in your warehouse. Don't do Thorough Examination by half. Look for the CFTS logo. You are accountable. Even is a truck is hired, the law says you - the employer of the fork lift truck operator - are responsible for making sure it's safe.

CFTS: the standard for the whole truck

CFTS Accreditation was created by the UK's leading trade bodies, with support from the Health and Safety Executive, to give a safe, national standard for Thorough Examination.

A CFTS Thorough Examination covers the whole truck; with over a dozen more checks than the LOLER test most companies get.

It's the fast, certain way to confirm your fork lift truck meets LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 regulations....and, more importantly, is safe for employees to use.

Check your insurance or hire documents now - because if your Thorough Examination provider isn't CFTS accredited, it could be you who's left exposed.

The 45 minute rule

Examining the whole truck usually takes well over an hour. If your Thorough Examination is over in less than 45 minutes, it's time to ask questions.

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